21 aprile 2017 – We Interpret Our Present and Try to Share Our Past


Annual Meeting of the National Council on Public History

April 19-22, 2017

The Westin Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana




Friday, April 21
Panel S38. We Interpret Our Present and Try to Share Our Past: European Public History Experiences and Projects

European Union (EU) public historians are engaged with the difficult task of producing a new public history of the traditional history of Europe and of single European Nations when EU citizens—their audience—are today facing a global crisis of the European Union project but are also the direct protagonists of such a crisis. The session presenters think that public history and a public approach to the past would foster a better understanding of the importance of the history of the European construction in the post-World War II era. Being in the middle for a EU public historian means to be able to interpret the past of single European nations within the context of EU broader identity and to communicate it to the wider possible audience.

Facilitator: Serge Noiret, European University Institute


  • Letters to the Italian President: From the Archives to the Screen, Teresa Bertilotti, University of Milano Bicocca
  • Digital (Public) History Projects Devoted to the European Construction, Serge Noiret, European University Institute
  • The Italian House/Museum of Joe Petrosino, An Anti-Mafia New York Police Officer, Marcello Ravveduto, University of Salerno
  • Born in the USA, Reproduced in Europe: From American Public. History to European Public History, the Corporate Field Comparative Example, Félix Torres, Public Histoire Agency, Paris
  • Public History of the Spanish War of Independence (1808-1814), Rafael Zurita, University of Alicante


Marcello Ravveduto, Rafael Zurita, Serge Noiret, Félix Torres

2017 Conference Program

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